[iBook] Firefox 3 Beta 3 On iBook: Bookmarks Organization

Fred Stevens K2FRD k2frd at mac.com
Thu Mar 6 18:46:33 PST 2008

I've been using Firefox 3 Beta 3 on my iBook 900 for about two weeks 
now. No problems and it's a lot faster, looks better, works better 
than the old Firefox 2... with one exception: I have not found any 
way to organize my bookmarks. All the single bookmarks I've entered 
into my bookmarks library in Beta 3 cannot be found to be moved into 
specific folders. Rather, when "Show all bookmarks" is selected, the 
list of my bookmark folders shows in the sidebar but all the single 
bookmarks do not and only an empty folder labeled "Unfiled bookmarks" 
appears at the bottom. Clicking onto the "Organize" box doesn't help. 
Anyone know a workaround or have I missed something?

FWIW, here's the download site for Mozilla's Firefox 3 Beta 3:



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