[iBook] Firefox 3 Beta 3 On iBook: Bookmarks Organization

James Paul Manley jesus.is.healing.my.cancer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 19:29:54 PST 2008

I tried doing a command D & selected the firefox folder & when &  
looked for it it was there. No problem.
James Paul Manley

I am 59 years old, diagnosed PCa 8-9-06 Gleason 9. hasn't gone
into the bone, has spread to my lungs & bladder. Which has been
resolved. Taking Nilandron pills  &  Zoledex  shots. PSA is 0.3

On  7:46:33, at 7:46 PM, Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:

> I've been using Firefox 3 Beta 3 on my iBook 900 for about two weeks  
> now. No problems and it's a lot faster, looks better, works better  
> than the old Firefox 2... with one exception: I have not found any  
> way to organize my bookmarks. All the single bookmarks I've entered  
> into my bookmarks library in Beta 3 cannot be found to be moved into  
> specific folders. Rather, when "Show all bookmarks" is selected, the  
> list of my bookmark folders shows in the sidebar but all the single  
> bookmarks do not and only an empty folder labeled "Unfiled  
> bookmarks" appears at the bottom. Clicking onto the "Organize" box  
> doesn't help. Anyone know a workaround or have I missed something?
> FWIW, here's the download site for Mozilla's Firefox 3 Beta 3:
> http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html
> Fred
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