[iBook] Firefox 3 Beta 3 On iBook: Bookmarks Organization

Fred Stevens K2FRD k2frd at mac.com
Sat Mar 8 19:40:35 PST 2008

Cmd D didn't open the gate for me but it pointed me in another direction toward locating and moving/organizing my bookmarks (I have over 6000 so organization is critical), i.e., via the Library. However, I'm gonna have to put some time in on figuring out how FF 3 itself is organized. A key is in the manner in which a Bookmark is initially saved, e.g., needs to have the correct folder selected (e.g., Bookmark Menu, Unfiled Bookmarks, Bookmark Toolbar). I still haven't found the current html Bookmark folder; the old one (last modification dtd 24 Feb 08 when I installed FF 3) is still in Users > Library > Firefox > Profiles etc etc. but no new nor updated BM Folder is extant. I made my own backup just to cover my new Bookmarks.

As I mentioned, it's gonna take some time to figure out FF 3's Bookmarks organization. Mozilla sure made it more complicated than FF 2. Reckon that's progress.



At 8:29 PM -0700 7/3/08, James Paul Manley wrote:
>I tried doing a command D & selected the firefox folder & when & looked for it it was there. No problem.
>James Paul Manley
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