[iBook] 10.3.9 or 10.4.11 on 466 MHz iBook?

Cameron Miller cameron at grumpyfish.com
Fri Feb 13 18:04:45 PST 2009

Mine runs 10.3.9 and it works just fine, even with Photoshop and 
iTunes and several other programs running. Of course it's slow now 
compared to my latest MacBook -- which I use most of the time -- but 
still quite acceptable considering.


>To an iBook fan, that's an iconic unit, the last, best
>clamshell iBook.  (I would be happy to have one, just to
>play with it sometimes.)  For speed, it needs maximum RAM,
>which is probably the 320MB (64 + 256) you have (though
>search for info, it may be that after some firmware upgrade
>you could have 64 + 512??).  The harddrive is rather small,
>and since the system bus is only 66MHz it's never going to be
>very fast.  There used to be plenty of reports of people
>happily running 10.3.9 on that kind of iBook, but 10.4 is
>probably too much of a strain for it.  You can get a 10.3.9
>install down to about 2GB disk space used.
>Good luck!
>On Wed, 11 Feb 2009, Josh wrote:
>  . . .
>>  with. I got a 466 SE with 320MB RAM and the standard 10GB HD. It
>>  currently has  10.4.11 on it, and it seems a bit too sluggish. I don't
>>  expect a speed demon, but am amazed at how long it takes to open Finder
>>  windows or how unresponsive it is sometimes. I do have 10.3 install CDs,
>>  and I'm tempted to downgrade to 10.3.9. What are your thoughts on this?
>>  Is there anything in 10.4 that I'd be really missing? Will I gain a
>>  little speed with 10.3?
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