[iBook] Re: 10.3.9 or 10.4.11 on 466 MHz iBook?

Michael Long johnnyrocknroll at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 20 01:28:19 PST 2009

thnk u so much kathy!  I love mine with the same fervor as u do! *although I'd LUV IT EVEN MORE IT IT 'TWAS LIME GREEN!  
hey,where can I get me one of those 120 gb hard drives & 512 memory 4 my graphite baby?
your pal,

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I'm absolutely in love with my clamshell and always have been. I have the
often coveted "keylime" 466SE and a beautiful green softcase to match!

It is true that you can do more with it these days than originally intended.
The factory hard drive of 10gigs can now be upgraded to 120 gig! (I think,
maybe a tad smaller than that).

The memory can also be upgraded to one stick of 512 instead of the old max
out of 320.

With a bigger hard drive and almost double the memory it still weighs in as
a very worthy machine in my eyes. The original airport card kicks butt and
always pulls in a signal where others don't. There are, of course,
frustrating limitations with certain programs like iLife (clamshell screen
resolution does not meet requirements for anything past iMovie 2) but it
keeps pace with the other kids in other areas. For instance, I can run Logic
Express 6 or 7 with no problem.

I partitioned my drive and have OS 9.2.2 on one section and I run OSX Tiger
10.4.x on the other with no problem. I would not downgrade to Panther at

Love your clamshell! I have to admit that it's time for me to get something
new based on the audio and video programs I like to run but I will never
abandon "Kiwi" as he has been my buddy! I just love taking him out at the
airport - it's a great conversation starter!


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