[iBook] Google Problem - Slightly OT

Fred Stevens K2FRD k2frd at mac.com
Thu Feb 11 20:14:59 PST 2010

Slightly off-topic for this iBook list but for the past three or four 
weeks, I've had problems accessing good old faithful Google 
http://www.google.com/ . Whether I access it directly by URL or 
indirectly via Firefox's search block (v.2.0.013 which I've had 
forever), my HughesNet satellite connection sends me "The connection 
to the server was reset while the page was loading" (the status bar 
goes from "looking for google.com to waiting for google.com, then 
goes to "done" with the above message suggesting a reload which comes 
back the same). At first, I thought it was a traffic volume issue; 
satellite internet is like that: evenings and mornings sometimes have 
traffic issues but it's been continuous for too many weeks although I 
can occasionally access Google during mid-day and later evening 
hours. On a random spot check, I can also access Google via iCab 
and/or Safari but it's sporadic and also a hassle to change browsers 
in mid-stream. There was also a problem accessing other sites during 
January and earlier February, again with my initial thought of it 
being a traffic issue on my satellite. However, the problem has 
persisted with Google.

Has Google blacklisted/blocked my ISP or Firefox IP address? Doesn't 
seem likely since I can access Google with Firefox from time to time 
with reloads, but not at all hours. Do I have a scrambled Firefox? FF 
v.3 upgrade has twice really eaten up my FF v.2xxx bookmarks, 
preferences, and everything else so, at least until I upgrade to a 
MacPro (not this year), I have no immediate plans to upgrade Firefox 
nor buy a new laptop. Again, it seems to be a time-of-day issue but I 
won't bet the farm on this, especially since Firefox tells me I've 
made contact with Google but then have been "reset", hence "try 

Anyone else experienced a comparable problem? Or other thoughts?

Using Tiger OS 10.4.11 on 14.1" iBook 900 (kinda long in the tooth, 
2003 vintage) but still working like a champ (typical of Macs - they 
last forever) albeit I can't get DiskWarrior to work on v.10.4.11... 
which might play a role here.

Fred Stevens
Fulltime RVer in the SW Arizona desert
Hardcore MacNut

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