[iBook] Google Problem - Slightly OT

Clark Martin cmmac at sonic.net
Fri Feb 12 00:58:49 PST 2010

On 2/11/10 8:14 PM, Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:
> ver was reset while the page was loading" (the status bar goes from
> "looking for google.com to waiting for google.com, then goes to "done"
> with the above message suggesting a reload which comes back the same).
> At first, I thought it was a traffic volume issue; satellite internet is
> like that: evenings and mornings sometimes have traffic issues but it's
> been continuous for too many weeks although I can occasionally access
> Google during mid-day and later evening hours. On a random spot check, I
> can also access Google via iCab and/or Safari but it's sporadic and also
> a hassle to change browsers in mid-stream. There was also a problem
> accessing other sites during January and earlier February, again with my
> initial thought of it being a traffic issue on my satellite. However,
> the problem has persisted

I've used a satelite ISP at a friends house from time to time.  I do get 
that sort of behavior intermittently.

What about other Internet traffic, mail, chat, etc?  Do they show 
similar activity (or lack thereof)?  Do other web sites behave the same 
or does it just seem to be Google.

It is possible Google has their servers tweaked to timeout faster than 
is the norm.

Check your ISP's web site to see if it shows the same sort of problem. 
That eliminates (probably) the Internet from the situation.  If the 
problem is consistent when accessing the ISP's web servers then I would 
contact their tech support.  The advantage of this is, they can't point 
the finger at someone else.

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