[iBook] iBook G4 12" 1.33 Ghz Kernel Panic Error "You Must restart your computer"

howardpettigrew howard.pettigrew at xtra.co.nz
Fri Sep 10 19:33:46 PDT 2010

Could you give a little more info Jim? 
What version of Mac OS are you running? How are you connecting to the internet?
At what stage of the boot process are you getting the Kernel Panic?
I have never found an iBook with an Airport Card mounted directly to the logic board on these models, and I have pulled apart dozens of these machines and have a stack out in my workshop so I am not sure who is giving you this info???
If it hasn't got an airport card under the keyboard, the airport won't be causing the KP.
In my experience (and it nearly drove me to drink until I found the answer) the Kernel Panic with the airport only occurs on iBooks or PowerBook G4 running Panther or Tiger with the new dual band airports and the Kernel Panic only strikes after the Desktop has loaded. Sometimes you can use the computer for a whole day on the airport with no problems, other times the KP will strike as soon as it gets to the Desktop - it is very random. If you haven't got an airport card under your keyboard, I don't think this is your issue. 
Apart from upgrading to Leopard (which requires more RAM than standard) or changing the airport to an older model, there is no simple (i.e. cheap!)  fix for this issue.

You can find out how to take out the (missing?) airport card here;


Kernel panics are usually, but always related to hardware.
Situations where I have found these show this message are;
When the deadly logicboard fault strikes - see this blog note here and follow some of the links. 


Note that Apple had a replacement logicboard programme for G3 but not the G4. I have found that over the last year, a large number of these machines have 'died' in the schools I work in - these are now at least 5 years old and with the production problems these had, they are causing a number of issues - I have two at home with me at the moment I have to look at over the next few days.
Do they have any additional ram in them?
These have 256 or 512megs on board but can have extra RAM under the plate held in place with 4 screws under the keyboard. If you are not sure about the additional RAM, a fast way to find out is to go up to the Apple symbol on the Menu Bar in the top left corner, click on it and select the first option in the menu that appears - About this Mac. In the panel that appears, look for the More Info.. button in the lower middle of the panel. When the System Profiler opens, make sure the Hardware section is open and click on the Memory subset. It will tell you what memory is in the computer.
If it has additional RAM, you could try removing this and see what happens. Occasionally RAM does cause issues, but it is strange that two have the same problem???  

Not sure if this is a help to you. Please get back to me off topic if you want further help with this.
H in NZ
On 9/09/2010, at 4:47 PM, Jaimes Beam wrote:

> I have two iBooks which give KP Errors, and give the "You Must Restart Your Computer" message when booting.  Supposedly this is related to the Airport
> Extreme/Bluetooth Card.  I'd like to see if I still get the error is I remove the AP/BT card.  However there is no AP/BT card under the keyboard.  Supposedly the AP/BT is mounted directly on the logic board.  But I can't find any more info about the error or how to remove the AP/BT card/
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Thanks, Jim.
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