[iBook] iBook G4 800mhz - 1.2ghz: That TERRIBLE HDD Ribbon Cable setup!

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I am fixing a reclaimation project: an iBook G4 12" early 2004; it is one 
of the 1st 2 iterations of the iBook G4, and one that has that dreaded issue 
with the problematic ribbon cable for the HDD that connects UNDER the logic 

The two subsequent iBook G4 models (Late '04 and Mid'05) both remedied that 
issue by relocating the connection to a drive adapter that clips onto the 
drive and fits into a connector on top.

Now, outside of the usual remedies (tape, a pad to force the cable 
connector contact, or GLUE (NO!!)), I was wondering if anyone knew of a treatise on 
why Apple did it, what the complaints were and what eventually led them to 
change it?   Just for my own personal knowledge...
us Elimination

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