[iBook] Clamshell iBook Linux Problems

Eric Hall jester_123 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 11:25:17 PDT 2012

The original airport card does not support WPA.


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Hi! I've installed MintPPC Linux on my indigo iBook, and I've had a couple problems with Internet. The CD Drive is broken, so OS X is not an option. I'm trying to connect to WPA with my AirPort card, and I had the exact same problem as the guy in this forum:

and I tried this solution:
sudo rmmod airport
sudo rmmod orinoco
sudo modprobe orinoco
sudo modprobe airport

Now that is fixed, but my network shows up greyed-out and when I connect to it as a 'hidden' network, it just stays there and does nothing. I was standing about 5 feet away, and it shows about 5 other networks(Not greyed out). It works when I connect using the Internet cable, though. Is there any way I could fix this? I use WPA personal,  by the way, and my Linux distro supports that.
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