[iBook] OS for g3 and g4 ibooks?

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Thu Mar 22 12:54:41 PDT 2012

In a message dated 3/22/12 12:20:57 PM, parkblue at gmx.net writes:

> Background: Considering selling the two snowbooks (both maxed out in ram), 
> I saw that they bring practically nothing or very little in resale. So 
> it's time for a nice fresh install and use them for sofa surfing etc. 
> (lifehacker recently called it "toilet surfing". I dunno... a computer there?).
Yeah; a "toilet computer" be definition(!) is FROUGHT with practical, 
er.... "difficulties!"   Been, there -- DONE THAT!    :-o

U know, I could get those two "snowbooks" from you, add them to mine(!) and 
working on!    ;-)

Yeah, they are getting hard to get rid of these days -- at one time, every 
cousin, child of a cousin, child of a friend, child down the street, etc., 
had one of my iBook G3s, 500mhz - 900mhz... and they eventually turned them 
all back into me... got about a dozen(!)...

> OS Upgrades: I'm always on the trailing edge, and like it there. On other 
> macs (iMac, 13" and 15" as well as a 10" Dell) 10.6 runs happily, and I 
> decided, like Fred advised, not to upgrade to 10.7 as long as I can avoid it.

Most of my machines are still in Tiger-land -- I only upgraded my main 
machine to Leopard n the past 6 months, and THAT was only because I got a iphone 
4gs on by birthday, upgrading it from a iphone 2g!!!

10.7, with its "one copy per child(!)" policy, will probably not see me 
until 2014!!!

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