[Cube] Potential Cube sale

J.C. Webber III jcw at kingoblio.com
Mon Dec 6 23:52:33 PST 2004

retrophisch at mac.com wrote:
> Cubists,
> I may be selling my Cube shortly, but I honestly have no idea what to
> price it at. I thought I would entertain offers and suggestions from the
> list. Here's what I have:
> Cube 450 MHz
> 1.5 GB of RAM
> 60 GB internal hard drive, Apple-branded (not sure off-hand who the OEM
> is)
> DVD-ROM slot drive
> GeForce2 MX TwinView video card, with 1 ADC and 1 VGA port, 64 MB of
> Original keyboard, mouse, power supply, speakers, and manuals
> This unit was originally purchased from Circuit City when they were
> clearing out their floor models, so there is no original box for it. The
> Cube has had one owner, and has spent its days on my desk, only moving
> to be upgraded, and when we moved from one house to our current one.
> It's in excellent condition over all.
> I was thinking (hoping?) for $600.

That sounds a little low to me.  Especially since you've got 1.5GB Ram
and the GF2 64MB video card.  Plus the 60GB drive is larger than
the default 20GB, isn't it.

I'd hold out for at least $800 if I were you.  But check eBay for
prices on equivalent machines.

BTW, why not upgrade it instead of replacing it?  I've already
upgraded my cube to 1.2GHz and am now seriously considering upgrading
it to 1.7Ghz for ~$500.

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