[Cube] Mac Mini

Sean Terrill a10t2 at mac.com
Wed Jan 12 12:36:29 PST 2005

Quoth Erik Ableson (eableson at mac.com) at 12/01/2005 15:15:

> Anecdote to go with this - my wife has a colleague that just got an
> iPod mini for christmas and was so impressed with iTunes and the
> interaction with iTunes and the iPod that he said that he's thinking
> that his next computer might be a Mac if they weren't so expensive.
> Dead center in the target market...

On a related note, I saw a statistic somewhere that said that 13% of people
who bought an iPod for Windows subsequently bought a Mac. I can't find it
now though. Maybe Jobs mentioned it in a keynote...

Sean Terrill
a10t2 at mac.com
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