[DigiCam] Looking for an under $500 USD digital camera.

Shirley Kehr ShirleyKat at worldnet.att.net
Sun Dec 22 10:49:12 PST 2002

I know the Nikon 5700 certified the microdrive. People were using it on
the 995 and maybe other models as well, but it was not certified on
those cameras. What you get depends more on your photo needs than the
fact that you are using Mac OS X. I upload photos via a card reader that
works in both OS 9 and X. (I wanted the Nikon for the built in macro
support. It's not quite as close on the 5700 as the 995, but you can
still get within a bit more than an inch to the subject.)


Robert Nicholson wrote:
> Well I use to own a Canon EOS D30 and sold it because it was under used
> and gathering dust.
> So, I think I'd like something a lot more portable this time but I
> still have my old 1GIG Microdrive left over from the previous camera.
> So that leaves me with the a limited choice as I want to continue using
> the Microdrive is possible. I believe the Canon S30, S40, S45 all accept
> Microdrives.
> What other cameras would be suitable for a MacOS X user?

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