battery: 2400 life expectancy

Donald McCaig McCaig at
Thu Jun 10 15:22:11 PDT 2004

Dear Gurus,
	For reasons I won't go into here, the 2400 G3 is the best computer
I can own. It was last made six years ago - seven years after my best
automobile (Mercury Colony Park) rolled ouyt of the factory.
	I can presume to fix my 2400/get it fixed so long as parts machines
are available. My problem is batteries. I prenently own one 2 hr, one 1hr
and a 30 minute battery. I just bought a brand new (NOS) from the Powerbook
	330 days a year my 2400 is Ac/Dc. The rest of the year, it's on
batteries and if they don't go, I don't go. Batt packs, on account of
weight, aren't a solution.
	The Powerbook guy probably bought the last stash of NOS batts.
	2 questions:
	How can I preserve the new batts? Will they last longer if uncharged?
						Donald McCaig

Yucatec Farm
Williamsville, Virginia 24487

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