[Duo2400] Re: Repaired trackpad ribbon cable

Willie Roth wroth2 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jun 21 09:40:49 PDT 2004

    A poorly working clicker is a common problem with the 2400 though I 
haven't seen it mentioned for a while. There have been sites that show 
how to fix this problem and usually it has nothing to do with the 
cable, though if the cable is severed that would certainly be a 
    You might check the  Mac2400 site <http://www.sineware.com/mac2400> 
for the clicker fix... I believe they used to have it there.
    You say you were forced to use the trackpad as a clicker... the 
first thing I do to any laptop I use is to active the click and drag 
options of the pad. I have two 2400's and and if the clicker ever went 
bad I probably wouldn't ever even know it. If you use it that way long 
enough, you may also find it seems even more efficient than using the 
On Jun 21, 2004, at 2:25 AM, Sid Barras wrote:

> Hi group,
> Nice job Peter; I'm curious though-- what were the symptoms of the 
> ribbon cable failure? On a couple of my pb 2400s, the "clicker" is not 
> working so reliably any more, one of them I've been forced to use the 
> trackpad to serve as clicker too, but I was thinking that it was the 
> clicker "switch"( The "contact" that is engaged when you hit the 
> clicker with your thumb) that was failing, not the connection to the 
> ribbon cable (or from the ribbon cable, as the case may be, depending 
> on which end of the cable you're talking about) --
> Maybe your repair procedure would solve that annoying problem I'm 
> having?
> Sid B

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