[G4] monitor problems or g4 problems..clicking?

Michael Beaudoin michael at ba-doyn.com
Sat Jul 26 07:52:34 PDT 2003

If they are Apple monitors, call them and there is a known problem 
with the monitors and they will fix them. I have two Apple 17" and 
they experienced the same symptoms. I called Apple and they sent a 
box, fixed the monitors, and sent them back within a week...no charge.


>Hello.  Here is the story.  We have a g4 400 mhz mac which was 
>hooked up to a monitor that went dead.  Every now and then you would 
>here a clicking noise that snapped at you as the light flickered on 
>the crt monitor.  As the clicking went on it got more violent and 
>then eventually the monitor's picture just went dead, a nice ol 
>black screen of death was all we could see.  We then purchased 
>another crt monitor, hooked it up and voila! the picture was 
>back...everything seemed fine until the clicking attacked us again. 
>I thought maybe the monitor was the problem but it is obviously not 
>since the new monitor is doing the same thing.  I'm afraid something 
>is dreadfully wrong with the insides of the G4...but what could it 
>be?  What should I do and check?  Is it maybe the connection?  Video 
>card? battery?  I have not a clue.  Any suggestions?  THanks in 
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