[G4] Music notation software

jperdman at earthlink.net jperdman at earthlink.net
Thu May 26 05:08:49 PDT 2005

>Hi Gang!
>Is there such a thing as music notation software for the Mac or PC?

Of course. Try a search on Google for "Mac Music notation" or such.

There are lots of choices.  Phil Taylor's BarFly a very user friendly piece of software based on Walshaw's abc notation scheme. I use ot all the time for notating simple melodies with chords.  (Shareware)

I also use FINALE but I wouldn't recommend it for a novice. It can do very sophisticated music engraving. (like notation for full symphoniy orchestra scores.) It's quite pricey but it can be interfaced with an electronic device such as a piano to record a played score.

Melody Assistant is also pretty good shareware. It can handle more sophisticated scoring than BarFly but I have been impressed with the little I've used it. 

Sibelius and Nightingale are two others that come to mind but I have no personal experience with them. 

Nowadays all of them have playback abilities. And they're all available in OSX versions.


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