[G4] SCSI external drive

thekirkline1941 at verizon.net thekirkline1941 at verizon.net
Tue Jun 17 08:35:27 PDT 2008

I just junked my old Starmax 3000 (wife's school had a recycling program). I had a fairly new Western Digital 40 gig hard drive with little on it. It, the Starmax,  was also upgraded to a G3. I removed the hard drive because 1. I am cheap and 2. I don't really trust people when they say they will remove the data themselves. However, after I had dismantled the drive and sent the whole works, including monitor, printer, and scanner, to the disposal place, I realized I still had the LaCie SCSI external drive. Question, is there anyway I can connect it to my G4 (Quicksilver 2002) to determine if there is any data I may want to save? Thanks.

Jim Scarborough Kirk

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