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I'm new here but would like to try and address the original poster's question a little better than I did earlier. As a user/owner of a Quicksilver, i can tell you that to get as "future-proof" as possible (which no one knows exactly how long that's going to be) if you have a machine capable of using Leopard, you should at least have a Leopard install or upgrade, and download all the free software, such as TenFourFox and any plug-ins you will need, such as the Flash 11 hack, etc. I also recommend installing a browser agent utility that spoofs your browser version, so that when there are no more TenFourFox distruibutions, your browser will be able to report that it meets whatever the checks are at that time.This should keep you able to view close to all web content for the foreseeable future, especially as HTML5 is still in its infancy, and TenForFox and the last version of Safari for 10.5.8 PPC support HTML5. So your Quicksilver with 10.5.8 will be able to view all the upcoming content in HTML5 without issues, and of course, mail, etc, won't stop working :) 

I recommend downloading some of the "toys" too, such as Skype, a good FTP client, and any Leopard compatible system tools, just in case you ever have the need, or want to use them. 

As Kristen said, there are also some Linux variants that will work with PPC that you could try, but they do lack the intrinsic look and feel of a true Mac OS. For something like this, I'd recommend dual-booting with it, so you can get used to it and see if it's for you. 

Kristen, as someone who is new here, and joined here with the specific purpose of helping keep PPC's useful for both myself and others, I completely agree with the sentiment of your post. When someone asks for help for a PPC Mac on a PPC mailing list, I think it's poor show for someone to email a recommendation that a user gets a PC. 
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