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Geoffrey Peters enclydion at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 00:55:38 PST 2012

At 11:37 AM -0900 23/2/12, Kristen R wrote:
>I find it aggravating that you would promote XP on vintage PC hardware
>superior to PPC computing today.

I never said they were; I merely offered it as a more capable 
solution for internet usage than an ageing operating system the OP is 
otherwise comfortale with. Surely you are not suggesting I curse him 
with linux?

>If you wish to have your PPC up with the times, install Linux.

... Ah. You did. I wouldn't wish the complexity and chaos of Linux on 
my worst enemy, and definitely never suggest it to a Mac owner. 
Information technology is meant to be invisible to its user, 
something linux can never be, and something Mac OS manages with 
exceptional ease.

Possibly the single most important reason for /not/ adopting linux is 
that he loses access to all of his existing application base and all 
documents created with them.

>And that an upgrade to Leopard is a disastrous move.

Which for many, it is.
- One loses the ability to run Classic programs seamlessly.
- Changes in network protocols results in problems communicating with 
other LAN devices.
- RAM requirements quadruple; if physical RAM is insufficient, the 
constant paging slows the entire system down, and shortens the 
life-span of the primary drive.
- Graphics requirements triple; if you do not have a Core Image 
compliant card in the machine, rendering load is shifted back to the 
CPU resulting in slowdowns and increased system temperatures 
- Possibly the most aggravating aspect of 10.5 is the quarantine 
system, a nagging nanny that will double-query the user on any file 
or program opened that does not exist on LibraryServices' safe-list; 
nor is disabling this an easy task under 10.5, even with commandline 

I personally use the most appropriate tool for the job. My primary 
workstation is a grey G3/300 running MacOS 8.6, as it has programs I 
use that have absolutely no counterpart anywhere else. For internet 
duties, I have a Mini running 10.5.11 and Vineserver that I run 
headless and control from my G3 via VNCthing -- being able to keep 
the whole web in an easily-hidden single window is a major boon to my 
workflow. Similarly, I run a Dell Studio Hybrid with XP as a headless 
machine on which I can run Windows software when I wish to (which, 
thankfully is not often).

If Jim wishes to be able to utilise the web effectively, and maintain 
current workflow capabilities, extra hardware is required, not a new 

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