[G4] Leopard OS10.5.8 on a Quicksilver

BAUCOM ROBERT H. rbtbcm at owc.net
Sun Feb 26 15:28:21 PST 2012

Jim Kirk,
This is a most desirable upgrade. However, the prices I've seen on  
LEMswap for the retail disks are Outrageous.
Much more than I paid retail to OWC originally. Don't find it retail  
anywhere so, maybe you know someone with the disks you can borrow.

You didn't mention (or I missed it) the amount of your SDRAM memory. I  
would suggest that you max this.
I have the Leopard OS10.5.8 on my 1.25GHz eMac, My 2000 Quicksilver W/ 
1.25 GHz Upgrade and a 2000 Quicksilver
W/933 GHz upgrade. Though the  eMac is only 1GB of SDRAM, it's plenty  
fast for eMail and typewriter work.

The only problem I've had is the eMac G4 won't take the AppleWorks  
6.2.9 upgrade from 6.2.7.
Both the Quicksilvers uploaded with out a problem. Appleworks 6.2.7 is  
prone to crash with OS10.5.8 and that's a pain.

Though I have Nisus Writer Pro and iWORKS 9, most of my letter  heads,  
envelopes and Spread Sheet  Lists are in
AppleWorks and it's so much less hassle. Any one have a clue on this  

If you think that a computer is saving you  time ...  let me sell you  
this lot, here in the middle of this swamp. -- the old curmudgeon

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