[G4] Old mini or other machine for cheap/free?

Amir 'CG' Caspi cepheid at ssl.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 23 13:57:51 PST 2012

Hi Harry,

 	I thought I mentioned this in the original message but I did try a 
RAM swap by doing exactly what you just suggested.  I do hear the boot 
chime, yes.

 						--- Amir

On Thu, 23 Feb 2012, Harry A. Freeman wrote:

> Amir,
> Another thought, try removing all but one of your memory modules. If that 
> doesn't help try removing that memory module and install another module in 
> another slot.
> As it could be a memory module or the slot that a good memory module is 
> installed.
> Another question that you may have already answered is "When you do a reboot" 
> do you get the "quick and dirty memory test" chime. It's the chime that you 
> should hear at boot time.
> Cheers
> Harry

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