[HM] Re: Sending jpegs

Jane Sprando janesprando at msn.com
Wed Feb 26 18:33:28 PST 2003

> First make sure the attachment options on OE are set properly. To do
> that go into the preferences and click on the compose tab. Then click
> on the button that says "Click here for attachment options".  Then make
> sure "Any computer (AppleDouble)" is checked.

Guy, I have AppleDouble checked. I do not have compressionb enabled. I own
Stuffit Deluxe 7.0 (newest version). Can I set Outlook Express to zip and
not stuff? or do I have to do it manually each time?


> If it is set properly, I would use Tom's suggestion to compress them
> before you send. You must zip them and not stuff them so that no matter
> what computer you are sending it to, they can uncompress your photo's.
> Here is an option for a program to use. Download Stuffit Lite 6.5.1 at
> one of these links.
> For OS9 or earlier
> http://www.viaseating.com/downloads/StuffItLite6.5.1.sit
> For OSX
> http://macintosh.ozbytes.net.au/preview/218995.html
> Install the program and there will be an application called DropZip in
> the folder. Drag your photo onto this application and it will zip it,
> which you can then attach to your mail. Remember both PC and Mac users
> will be able to uncompress this file.
> Guy
> On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, at 08:37  PM, Jane Sprando wrote:
>> I bought PhotoShop Elements 2.0 to use with the pictures I take with my
>> digital camera. I have reduced the images to manageable sizes (100
>> resolution, 3x5 size) and saved as Jpeg's.
>> However, when I email them (unfortunately, I am using Outlook Express
>> with
>> msn.com) and people are having problems opening them. Friends on AOL
>> receive
>> them as MIMES. I notice that when I go send the email with an
>> attachment, I
>> see a box that says Encoding document.
>> 1. Does anyone know what Outlook express encodes the JPEGS as?
>> 2. Anyone have a clue why my images can't be opened? (One person said
>> she
>> did open them, but they were too pixilated. What???)
>> jane

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