[HM] Re: email programs

Debbi Young djy at citynet.net
Sat Apr 17 15:17:16 PDT 2004

on 4/17/04 3:28 PM, TeeGate at TeeGate at comcast.net wrote:

> I always try to use Apple products if they are well made, but
> unfortunately Apple's mail program has a flaw that is unacceptable to
> me. When you send long links to Windows users it truncates them and the
> links are flawed. If you want to feel really embarrassed, send a long
> link to a Windows friend using Mail.app, and the next time you talk to
> them watch them snicker. So I was forced to try a different program, and
> I am now using Thunderbird. It has it flaws, but at least I am the only
> one who sees them.

To eliminate sending long links, you can go to




Simply copy your long link into their converter and you end up with
something usually about 25 characters long.

This is probably "old news" to a lot of you, but maybe someone will benefit.
And since I'm always asking questions around here, this is one "tiny" way to
give back.


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