[MacDV] Re: -Digital8 to MiniDV conversion-MacDV Digest #3552

Mark O'Brien rmobrien at mac.com
Thu Aug 5 10:27:11 PDT 2004

On 8/5/04 11:43 AM, "Ted Langdell" <ted at tedlangdell.com> wrote:

> At that cost... you'd be better off getting your camera repaired.  With
> new heads you'd have some life left in it, and it gives you a spare
> camera thats able to play your heritage tapes without dubbing and the
> cost in time and tape.

Part of my desire to dub to MiniDV is to put my heritage tape footage into a
format with a longer lifespan (MiniDV vs. Digital8) and much larger market
penetration. If my MiniDV camcorder ever breaks, I know lots of people who I
can borrow from. I know nobody else with Digital8, and this would be the
second time for me to pay several hundred dollars to repair the Sony out of
warranty. Last time it was the tape transport mechanism.

So far, the best option from the responses I've seen is the $8.50 per
cassette offer from R B Williams. I'll write off the Digital8 camcorder.


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