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Brett Conlon brett.conlon at SonyDADC.com
Mon Feb 6 15:04:50 PST 2006

Heh, I spent months (whatever little bits of time I could find in evenings 
and weekends) creating a movie and slideshow DVD of the previous year's 
Christmas including designing a full DVD case sleeve and label and all the 
menus were designed from the ground-up. Each family member got a copy for 
this Christmas.

Last week (Monday) I received a call from my brother-in-law asking if he 
could send down a bunch of photos and have me make a "cool DVD like the 
one I sent them for Christmas - with the professional looking case sleeve 
and disc label and all" for his wife's birthday for the coming Saturday.

I kindly declined. He said, "Yeah, I kinda thought I might be pushing it." 

Coj (who has a neice having a wedding soon and is holding his breath for 
the inevitable "request")

"Trueman H. Hight" <thhight at comcast.net> 


You are right. I have been doing these DVDs for friends and family as 
a favor. I found out that people don't see the work that goes into 
them.  I put together a "Church History" DVD for the 25th anniversary 
of our church.  It contained 100+ photos that I had to scan, color 
correct, etc. etc. It took quite a few hours. We showed it at church 
on a big screen at the celebration and offered it for sale at $20. 
Only 3 people were willing to purchase a copy.

The ones I am now considering are not for friends or family but 
people who are willing to pay for them.



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