[MacDV] Making Chapters in video

David Abramowitz david.abramowitz at verizon.net
Tue Jan 16 12:09:50 PST 2007

No trouble with iMovie to iDVD process, or the burn. The burns took  
about 2 hours if I didn't use motion menus, 3 hours if I did. Some of  
the iDVD themes use "Drop Zones," into which you can insert pictures  
or movies – that's what probably took the most time (my wife and I  
deciding what to put in there!). Other than that, iMovie and iDVD  
really make the job more fun and certainly more tolerable.

We use TDK DVD-R and haven't had 1 problem yet. Once you burn a DVD- 
R, you're done. You can add to a DVD-RW (The "W" is for multiple  
Writes), but at the time I purchased the DVDs, DVD-R was the only  
format iDVD would burn to. That has changed, but I'd still get DVD- 
R's for maximum compatibility. I think I got them at Costco (two  
spools of 100 each for about $50).

On Jan 15, 2007, at 8:05 PM, Marilyn Elhart wrote:

> I think I am going to go the easy way out with the few 8mm we have  
> and have
> them done at a little place not far from here.
>     Did you have any trouble with the actual iMovie to iDVD process  
> and
> burn?   I like the method you mentioned since I am such a newbie  
> with all of
> this I would have not known which method to use.  I don't think I will
> bother with music at least for a while, since I tend to do a talking
> monologue I think It would just add more time at this part of the  
> process.
> Were there other snafus that you worked around?  What brand bland  
> DVD's did
> you use?
>     I have a very very newbie question.  Once you have burned a DVD  
> and it
> is not full can you burn more on it later or that you get?
>     Thanks David you give me hope!

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