[MPA] Non-Pro seeking information

Gene Bogart gbogart at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 9 10:00:29 PDT 2003

> The recording setup is pure simple -Plug into the RCA tape outputs from
> the rack using  RCA cables to a RCA to phono plug adapter cable to the
> microphone jack on the laptop. The current maximum cable length is
> 30ft. Currently using AudioIn to record input.
> After capturing entire sermon - burning it to audio CD.
> ======================

I think you should be able to get considerably more than 30 ft of usable
cable length, if you're dealing with a line-level signal coming out of those
RCA jacks...  I remember doing a DJ gig years ago (in a showroom at a big
hotel) where their audio guy took the line-out from my mixer, and ran a
cable several hundred feet, to reach their audio system input... and it
sounded fine.

Maybe using heavier, well-shielded microphone cable (XLR type) would give
you more range. Another option would be to get two cheap mixers, and use one
at each end, to give you a low impedance signal (running the rack-out RCA's
into the first mixer, then taking a mic level output) and running that nice
fat mic cable as far as you want, into the other cheap mixer, which would
then boost you back to a signal level appropriate for input into the Pismo.
Sounds complicated, but it really isn't too bad -- and it would definitely
be the "inexpensive" solution.

> For the future - Is there a way to use a WIFI network to wirelessly
> extend from the sound rack and remotely record the service on the
> laptop? I would like to be able to get 100 to 150ft range.
> In my limited networking experience, the only way I could figure out
> how to do it - is to put another laptop next to the sound rack and use
> it as the server for recording. I would use the WIFI net to remote
> control the server.

The dual-laptop theory would seem to be the most complicated -- and
certainly most expensive -- solution.  I think you might be better off with
a wireless audio system, like the ones that guitarists use to connect with
amps or audio racks that are offstage, often quite a distance away. Here's a
link (I hope it come through in a useable form) to take a look at a
Sennheiser unit that might do the trick, for just under $300:


If this link does not come through, or if you have any follow-up questions,
feel free to email me off-list at <gbogart at bellsouth.net>


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