[MPA] Non-Pro seeking information

Howard L. Fox Jr. hfox2 at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Aug 9 17:32:12 PDT 2003

Gene, Thanks for the information.
On Saturday, Aug 9, 2003, at 13:00 US/Eastern, Gene Bogart wrote:

> I think you should be able to get considerably more than 30 ft of 
> usable
> cable length, if you're dealing with a line-level signal coming out of 
> those
> RCA jacks...  I remember doing a DJ gig years ago (in a showroom at a 
> big
> hotel) where their audio guy took the line-out from my mixer, and ran a
> cable several hundred feet, to reach their audio system input... and it
> sounded fine.
The only reason for the 30ft cable length - the maximum cable I can 
cobble together at
the moment. This is a startup church - as funds are available - there 
is reimbursement -and I am currently looking for a new job. When I get 
some more money - I will definitely buy some more cable.

> The dual-laptop theory would seem to be the most complicated -- and
> certainly most expensive -- solution.  I think you might be better off 
> with
> a wireless audio system, like the ones that guitarists use to connect 
> with
> amps or audio racks that are offstage, often quite a distance away. 
> Here's a
> link (I hope it come through in a useable form) to take a look at a
> Sennheiser unit that might do the trick, for just under $300:

The reason that I am using my laptop is that it costs me nothing at the 
moment. Thanks
for this idea - I will look at it in future. I was trying to go 
wireless - so that I don't have other people 'tripping' over the wires. 
At the moment - I am shooting for low cost - so that will be the longer 


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