[MPA] SPDIF Digital Noise

Big Mo Music info at bigmomusic.net
Mon Feb 17 10:41:10 PST 2003

 I use a G4 dual 800,  MAC OS 9.2, Yamaha O2R, RME Hammerfalls 96/52 with
Logic 5 platinum.  The only time I got digital snow, was when I did not have
the buffers set high on the RME Hammerfalls.  Try increasing your buffers.
You will have to play with it to determine what is the right point, because
high buffers get rid of digital noise, but cause latency when using virtual
synths with your music software.

Mike Knox
Big Mo Music
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Subject: [MPA] SPDIF Digital Noise

> Using Cubase SX on a G4 933 and having a problem with recurring digital
> "snow" and "crackling" popping up after several minutes of use.   I am
> using a DBX 386 as a converter to the SPDIF on an RME 9652 with the RME
> OSX 1.0 drivers.
> I even recently started syncing with BNC word clock using the 386 as a
> master and this is still popping up.  The only thing that cures it is a
> reboot of SX.  Then after 10-15 minutes, its back.  The noise only
> happens
> when I am playing, and not during silence.
> What gives?  Any ideas would be killer.  Thanks, Giotto
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