More Vinyl the right way.

Lukas drake lukasdrake at
Mon Feb 24 16:53:54 PST 2003

Thank you very much everybody who responded to my questions. You've got me 
thinking, now I have to go research these options.
I'd also like to hear the answer to Greg Gorrie's question of what is a 
great audiophile needle for doing this sort of thing.  A particular model by 
Grado? A different model of Ortofon? A moving coil model as opposed to a 
magnetic one? For my purposes I need something with umph and kick to it in 
its frequency response (as opposed to a needle made especially for Classical 
or Jazz music).

Someone else was wondering why I didn't just go through my receiver. It's a 
Kenwood AV surround receiver with Dolby ProLogic (model KR-V5580) from a few 
years ago, so I don't really think it's that professional nor is it a 

thanks again everyone!

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