[MPA] Where are we with DAW in OSX?

Thubten Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Wed Mar 5 17:35:14 PST 2003

Glad to know about these other sources of info. Safari won't let us 
register to the forum at Harmony Central. Bug report sent.


On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 05:09  PM, Scott Baldwin wrote:

> Rick,
> Your concern is the lament of all Mac pro audio users.   OS X has been 
> (and still is) a difficult road for audio.
> MOTU showed DP for OS X at the NAMM show this year, and their latest 
> ETA for DP is "early 2003".   Your frustration is shared by many.  As 
> for your request for information from MOTU, they are well known for 
> their crummy communication.
> I still boot into OS 9 to use DP.  It doesn't work with classic.   It 
> is a pain, but I am reluctant to switch platforms, so I wait.........
> The "Musikmesse" (world's largest music products show) started today 
> in Frankfurt.  Perhaps there will be an announcement from there.
> As far as switching to another platform, that is a matter of personal 
> taste.  Logic, DP and Cubase all have their strengths and weaknesses, 
> but there is a rational for going to Logic.  Apple bought Logic last 
> year, so you know that their products will always be up to date with 
> respect to OS.  Logic for OS X is shipping and most reports indicate 
> that it is working well with Jaguar.
>  I believe all these products have competitive upgrades. Check their 
> websites.
> These two discussion forms are more active than this MacProAudio.  
> Check them out:
> http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/daw-mac/
> Cheers,
> Scott
> On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 03:07 PM, Rick Rutherford wrote:
>> I have been hoping for more discussion on professional audio on this 
>> list,
>> but what I have read mostly for the past month is hobbyist questions 
>> about
>> moving LPs to MP3 and general Mac stuff. So let me throw this out 
>> there.
>> I have recently moved from hard disc recording to DAW and I am 
>> curious and
>> frustrated by the way things are moving in Mac OSX. I was originally 
>> sold on
>> using Digital Performer for my main recording app. My problem...it is 
>> the
>> only OS9 app I use. Logic 6, Pro Tools, and CuBase are all now on 
>> OSX. I
>> must admit, I haven't put much time into DP because of the OS9 issue. 
>> When I
>> bought DP I was told the OSX version was imminent.
>> As we all know this is not the case. MOTU has been unresponsive to my
>> inquiries about the timeline. I don't want to invest any more time or 
>> money
>> in DP if they can't make their move soon. Any ideas on why I should 
>> consider
>> Logic 6 or the others? Are there competitive upgrades? Are there real
>> advantages with each based on recording instruments versus MIDI.
>> I just want to get this dialog moving in case there are others like 
>> me who
>> are new and frustrated by the OSX audio road map. I want to create 
>> today,
>> but I would like to do it in OSX. Let's talk!
>> Rick Rutherford
>> Round Rock, Texas

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