[MPA] Live was Re: [MPA] Garage Band - Waveforms

Luke Snarl luke at snarl.org
Thu Jan 22 06:28:10 PST 2004

yeah well I was similarly impressed when I got a limited version of 
LIVE with my m-audio Quattro (which rocks) when I was over in japan....

UNTIL I discovered the cost of 'upgrading' to the full version was THE 
SAME as buying the full version outright....

I thought that was a bit rude....


On Thursday, January 22, 2004, at 08:31 AM, Jay Shaffer wrote:

> I agree wholeheartedly with Peter. Live and Reason And others are 
> often the right tool for the job. especially since you can get limited 
> versions of these programs as bundles with various hardware. Most 
> notably  M-Audio's Transit which is a great USB audio I/O for $99.

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