[MPA] Audio Interface Advice?

Bruce Maclean bruce.maclean at verizon.net
Fri Jan 23 08:54:18 PST 2004

I've got a Digi 002.  I do alot of 78's to CD.

I've got an Esoteric Sound turntable

I go into my dbx 386 Dual vacum tube preamp with digital outs(a gredat 
piece for the $) into my 002, which is connected by firewire to my G5

ProTools 6.2 in Panther works great !

AND: I'm lovin' Garage Band

Does anyone know what you can connect to the digital ins on the G5???

This is a great piece of gear for the money
On Jan 22, 2004, at 8:09 PM, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> I'm looking to replace my current system for doing Audio work.  
> Currently I
> have a PowerMac 8500/180 with 160MB RAM, a Echo Audio Darla24 
> Soundcard,
> and I'm using Bias Peak 2.x (2.1 I think, it's about 4 years old), and 
> the
> RayGun plugin for cleaning up audio.  I've also got a Serial Midiman 
> Midi
> interface, and a cheap Yamaha keyboard (I never have gotten around to 
> using
> these, they were bought on a whim to see how MIDI works).
> When I put the system together, my main system was the brand new 
> G4/450 AGP.
> I replaced that system about two months ago with a G5 2x2.  I'm 
> thinking
> that I might as well let the G5 2x2 handle the audio work, I've 
> already got
> it setup for doing video, and I'll be wanting the Audio tools for that 
> as
> well as normal audio work.
> Besides using the tools some for home video (with FCE, and DVD SP2), 
> the
> real use will be for doing archival copies of things 78's and the 
> like.  As
> part of the upgrade I plan on getting an Esoteric Sound turntable (most
> likely the ATEN 16" model).
> Given the use, I want pretty much as high of quality audio interface 
> as I
> can get.  How good of quality is the G5's onboard digital audio 
> interface?
> What sort of interfaces would people recommend?
> 			Zane
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