[MPA] DVD Audio?

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Fri Jan 30 21:13:50 PST 2004

>Out of curiosity, is it possible to burn a DVD Audio disk on the 
>Mac?  I don't see options for such things with Toast, though it 
>looks like A.Pack (it comes with DVDSP2 has an option for making the 
>audio for a DVD Audio disk.  In all honesty, I'm not even sure what 
>makes a DVD Audio disk, though I am aware there are two different 
>		Zane

	I've barely scratched the surface of looking into this 
subject, but I don't think there's anything reasonably priced that 
will do DVD-Audio authoring on the Mac.  I think the closest we can 
get is to do a surround 5.1 mix and press it as a DVD-R via DVDSP2. 
I've got DVDSP2, but I haven't made it that far into the program yet. 
Plus, I don't know if the consumer drives will accommodate us... I 
think we'll have to use an authoring drive with authoring media, 
especially if it's for replication.  That's back into the several 
thousands of dollars realm again, like the Minnetonka and Sonic stuff 
for the peecee.  Roxio's supposed to have the new Jam 6 for OSX and 
the G5 sometime this year (actually, they said last fall last fall, 
but last fall has fell)... it would be nice if Jam broke into 
DVD-Audio.  I don't think Toast will have any of the high-end 
features that we'll need.  If I have any pleasant suprises with 
DVDSP2, I'll post the details after celebrating ad pauseum.  And, of 
course, after making the rounds to my local audiophile stores to test 
the discs.

Scott Jacob Loehr

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