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> Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 20:04:46 -0400
> Subject: USB v FireWire
> From: Bob Alexander <balexan1 at>
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> I bought this G4 tower last year, instead of an imac, because
> it has a PCI slot, which I was told was better for audio.
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Hi Bob,  

The "PCI = better for audio" issue was true in the days before FireWire; I'm
running audio (as well as video) streams via FW all the time, and also have
several FW hard drives, and everything runs great. I do a lot of my
professional audio work (voiceover and music recording) on an iMac, and also
use the FW peripherals constantly with my PowerBook.

Nothing wrong with PCI-input, for sure, but with the advent of FW speeds,
the playing field has been leveled....

Gene Bogart

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