[MPA] WeBeSpammin'!!!

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Tue May 11 13:44:39 PDT 2004

Has anyone else out there been receiving automated 'follow-up'-type 
responses from microsoft?  I started getting these infernal thangs 
yesterday... maybe it's just me, but I see no connection whatsoever 
between Pro Audio on the Mac and ANYTHING microsoft.

Scott Jacob Loehr

p.s.  They look linda like this, though they have 3 to 4 times the 
amount of useless links:

>Thank you for your e-mail message to MSN webmaster. We would like to 
>assist you with your question and request you go to the appropriate 
>link below for the product you are inquiring about. The link will 
>take you directly to that product's online help with instructions on 
>how you may contact us directly. This will provide you the timeliest 
>For MSN Internet Access, go to http://support.msn.com.
>For Hotmail, go to http://www.hotmail.com, then click "Help" on the 
>upper middle part of your screen.
>For MSN Messenger, go to http://messenger.microsoft.com, select the 
>applicable Messenger client on the left navigation bar, then click 
>For MSN Games, go to http://zone.msn.com/services/support.asp.
>For MSN MoneyCentral, go to 
>For Microsoft Passport, go to 
>For Microsoft software applications such as Office or Windows, go to 
>For MSN Groups, Member Directory or support for files you have saved 
>to MSN, go to http://groups.msn.com, then click "Help" on the upper 
>middle part of your screen.

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