[MPA] Affordable Mac waveform editor?

Rod Duncan roduncan at telus.net
Thu May 19 11:56:58 PDT 2005

Apologize if this has been discussed. I don't know much about things audio.

My professional musician friend who I wooed over from the PC side is 
after comparable sound program to something he used on his PC. 
Something called Sound Forge 4.5 I understand it to be a full 
featured stereo waveform editor, as in mastering software, not a 
multitracker. Something afforable. Shareware etc. He has tried out 
Sound Studio and it doesn't offer up the same feature set. I am 
hoping the legends on this list will have the answer.

Thanks in advance.

BTW: He is now a HUGE Mac fan.

Rod Duncan

        "Buy a Mac and be thought a fool
or buy a WinDoh! box and remove all doubt."

   Still virus free...  and after ALL these years.

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