[MV] Re: can anyone help me?

T. Patrick Henebry tphenebry at comcast.net
Thu Dec 26 16:23:55 PST 2002

>You can train a profile for iListen using an Olympus Digital Recorder, you
>just have to create a profile where you use the Recorder itself as a
>Microphone. The Olympus docs have the information on how to do that. If you
>create a profile specifically for your Olympus Recorder, you will do better
>than 77%

Since there was no mention or indications in the iListen docs I was 
unaware of this.  (I don't have the Olympus recorder.)  I can only 
surmise that there were no such instructions with the Olympus 
recorder at the time the review was written or the reviewer would not 
have said their was no way to train.
T. Patrick Henebry

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