Backup bootable copy of Panther w/ Toast??

jim jones loveyourlife at
Sat Dec 6 12:20:31 PST 2003

Hello all....
    I am trying in vain to make a backup bootable copy of Panther with Toast 6.......
    With install disc 1 I have made a data cd with the mac-only option appears as if all is well, only when I double click on disc> OS X Folder> Install OS prompts me to restart to begin installation process and when I allow that and hold down C key to boot I get a gray screen with a little folder in the center with mac smiley and a question mark does not recognize disc as bootable??...i think?? 
   So I am kind of stuck at this point....even when i accept the restart prompt without holding down C key it just boots right up to OS X.....and when I attempt to power up pressing option key the disc is not recognized.......can anyone offer some advice on this issue?? 

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