participating in a NetMeeting with a Powerbook

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley hutley at
Thu Aug 12 12:42:55 PDT 2004

My question is about the use of a Mac (Powerbook) in a mostly-PC 
corporate environment.

The question is,

		is it possible to participate in a (M$T/Windows) NetMeeting
		[sharing voice, images, text] with a Powerbook ?

In "the old days" [ :-) ] I know that Timbuktu was one of the 
earliest means of sharing files and desktops over TCP/IP using a Mac, 
but have no experience over the last 5 years of this technology.

If anyone is doing this (participating in a Netmeeting with a Mac), I 
would really like to know how it is done, and how effective it is.

Thanks in advance.

regards,  Trevor

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