Aluminum books - fit and finish

Wilson Ng wilsonng at
Mon May 31 17:37:24 PDT 2004

Oops, forgot to include the URL where I found the TiArmor. Here it is:

I have no relations to this company. I just found it interesting. The web
site has a quote from Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus so it appears that it is being

> I do wish Apple would offer the option of AlBooks with the iBook casing.
> Although I like the iBooks, I couldn't bear to part from dual-monitor
> spanning. It's the biggest feature in the iBook that I miss. But I certainly
> don't want to potentially destroy my iBook by fiddling with those unofficial
> patches to get it to work.
> After looking at the wear and tear on my original 1st generation TiBook, I
> went exploring for paint touchups and then I found this little web site
> advertising TiArmor. It looks like they've got skins for all 3 different
> sizes.
> It looks interesting. I'm thinking of getting a set for my 1st generation
> TiBook and my 1st generation 12".
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>> Al-Books shells have to be anodized aluminum (powdered aluminum bonded
>> to itself an another material, which can even be plastic). It's why, if
>> you really take a close look or even a magnifying glass to it, the
>> aluminum has a beach sand-like appearance. Now as to whether they're
>> painted over to protect that surface -- not sure. Most likely something
>> is done to protect the aluminum from oxidizing, which might actually
>> make aluminum black if I remember correctly.
>>> aluminum surfaces of these powerebooks.  Are they painted? anodized?
>>> Jerry

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