[Ti] TI upgrade ?

John Pariseau simplymail at ururk.com
Wed Aug 3 13:50:07 PDT 2005

>> I love this pb, it has served me well.  Is there any logic to  
>> bumping up
>> the logic board to a 1.0 Mhz board?  I've never play with a faster
>> processor next to my current 667, so I do not know what I am missing.
>> Are there any other upgrades I should consider?
> I don't know what a 1GHz logic board upgrade would cost, but if  
> it's more than a $200-$300, I'd skip it. You won't get 30%  
> performance bump because your memory speed and disk I/O are not  
> changing and only a portion of the work is done in the CPU. It's  
> usually not worth expending significant funds for big upgrades  
> unless you can at least double your performance overall.
> You already have memory and disk and won't be burning DVDs enough  
> to warrant the expense of a DVD burner. Better to save your money  
> and apply it to the next generation Intel PowerBook in 2006 with  
> Superdrive, fancy features, better display, faster disk, bigger  
> memory,  etc. etc.

Hopefully faster bus speeds!

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