[Ti] Screen has gone blank

Arne Hulstein arne.hulstein at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 03:39:26 PDT 2008

I should have answered this a long time ago, but here it goes.

> Well, the off backlighting is most likely the inverter board, but if
> you're sure you don't see anything in the bottom of the display - please
> make sure you have something there you know how it looks - then it's
> possible that the display itself could have been damaged AND/OR that
> your display cables have been damaged. Where is the white during
> startup? Is it the same upper 30% partial or the whole screen? When you
> look with a bright light, does the part you see looks like it should or
> is it warped somehow?

The part that I see is in the upper 30%. It pretty much looks like it
should. As that part emits quite a bit of light, I have not been able to
make out much in the lower 60%. The light part seems to only show part of
the screen, though I can not confirm it is the exact same part it should

> Only way to know for sure is to try with another inverter board or move
> the display itself to another known working titanium machine, if the
> display is likely to be working.

Both are a bit of a problem. I don't have another titanium machine and I
don't have any spare parts either.

> If it's worth the effort is up to you, but I can give you advice from
> the experience I have had with this type of problem if you need it. As
> I've had 3 boards or so  that needed replacement it does seem like a
> typical Titanium problem, at least with the second generation.

Ok. I am doubting what I should do. It depends on whether I get my new
company off the ground as well and whether we can get the investements
needed. I might just leave it at this for now and see whether I would
accidentally bump into an inverter board. The big screen behind it does
work, so it is usable for testing purposes at the moment.


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