[Ti] why people use a tibook

Simon Royal mail at simonroyal.co.uk
Wed Mar 25 06:13:21 PDT 2009


iBook G3s are the least reliable with almost all of them suffering from the 
graphics chip problem. iBook G4 still suffer from it but not as bad as the 
G3. The Clamshell iBook G3 are pretty reliable but are getting on a bit 

>From experience I can vouch that PowerBooks are very reliable. I have had a 
bout 7 without much trouble. A 1400cs, a G3 Wallstreet, 2x G3 Lombards, a 
G3 Pismo, a TiBook 400Mhz and a TiBook 867Mhz (my current machine).

None of them suffered from anything major or fatal. And they just seem to 
be better powered than the iBook range, probably because the PowerBooks 
were aimed at business users, they also seem to be built like tanks - and 
while some of mine have been a bit battered cosmetically, it has not 
stopped them working.


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On Mar 25 2009, Clare O'Farrell wrote:

Hi Simon

That's an excellent story. My own tibook has certainly been very 
reliable and a real pleasure to work on. Nobody (particularly in the 
windoze world) would know to look at it that it is an ancient machine.

Which have you found are the worst apple laptops in terms of 
reliability? I read that the coloured clambooks had the least 
problems overall but they are really ancient machines now.

Marcus, I am looking at the quickertek wireless cards as a solution 
to the wireless problem on the tibook.

At 9:01 AM +0000 25/3/09, Simon Royal wrote:
>I love the TiBooks because they are so reliable - which a lot of 
>Apple portables arent.
>The screen is awesome and very clear and even compared to my wifes 
>new Toshiba laptop it is so thin, small and light.
>They are little work horses. I had a 400mhz about 18 months ago and 
>loved it, sold it, regretted it and so rescued an 867Mhz one that 
>needed restoring which is now my main Mac.

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