[Ti] selling titanium parts is a dead end?

c.ofarrell at qut.edu.au c.ofarrell at qut.edu.au
Sun Jan 16 22:35:10 PST 2011

I actually just bought another 500 mhz tibook on ebay a couple of months ago
to replace my extremely decrepit previous one - which I am also intending to
sell for parts. I use my tibook for email and writing at home, but it is not
connected to the net as 10.3.9 won't work with my g3 usb modem. My new
tibook is really lovely and has a 120 gb hdd and 1 gb of ram.

When I need to quickly check and reply to live email and websites I use my
horrible little windoze netbook. I upload my eudora mail onto my g5 machine
at work and then send it from there. Not ideal - but until apple sorts out
the blurry font problem and other GUI problems on more recent machines and
OS that's how it will have to be. I have been considering buying a wireless
router to plug my usb modem into however. That might work. I'll be using a
third party wireless card in the PCMCIA slot.

Clare O'Farrell
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