[X-HW] Linksys Workgroup Gigabit Switch

Mark Gibson gibsonm at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 17 15:25:45 PST 2003

At 14:58 -0800 17/1/03, Kevin Stevens wrote:
>I have a similar layout, using a Netgear 2xGB/16x10-100 switch.  If your
>need isn't pressing, I might suggest waiting a bit longer.  Gb switches
>are starting to come down, and I expect them to come down pretty fast and
>hard over the next three months or so, as the older commercial bleeding
>edge designs are replaced with newer, commodity SOHO offerings.  Netgear,
>for example, has come out with a 4-port gig switch that is clearly a
>redesign and closer to $50/port than $100.
>Just my opinion.

I look forward to it.

The current Netgear GS104, 4 port switch (which is still the "old" 
rugged blue box design - not the rounded platinum) has a recommended 
retail here of A$1,399 (roughly A$350 per port), the next model up 
(again blue box design) is the 16 port GS516T which has a retail of 
A$4,800 (A$300 per port).

A$4,800 (roughly USD$2,400) is a lot of money to justify to myself, 
let alone the holder of the purse strings.
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