[X Newbies] Changing The DNS Connection

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 3 12:59:04 PST 2002

on 02/12/03 12:08, Kevin Stevens at Kevin_Stevens at pursued-with.net wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Jerry Krinock wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The "Automatic" network location is wonderful but I think it's a little too
>> smart for me.  At home, my Powerbook G4 is connected via an Apple airport to
>> our Earthlink DSL line.  (The Airport does the PPPoE.)  When I go to my day
>> job, I sleep my powerbook, ride here on my bike and connect to a 100BT
>> ethernet.  I'm online instantly - very cool.
>> However, according to our IT guru, it seems I am still connected to the
>> Earthlink DSL Domain Name Server (DNS) or something like that.  Thus,
>> internal company IP addresses which we have set up here, for instance our
>> email server, do not "resolve" to the desired company servers.
>> Some times it seems to have switched to our internal DNS, but I don't know
>> what causes it to switch.  Logging out and back in does not help; probably a
>> restart would.
> I suspect you have the Earthlink DNS server manually configured in your
> Ethernet settings.  When you go to work, you get new address, gateway, and
> DNS information offered to you by the DHCP server; however, since yours is
> manually configured it ignores the corporate DNS offering.
> Check and see if a Earthlink DNS server is manually entered, and if so
> remove it (would be named ns1.earthlink.net or similar). If that fixes the
> problem at work, but breaks the ability to resolve names at home, then you
> have to compromise somehow - you could create different locations for work
> and home under Network Settings, or find a way to script adding and
> removing the Earthlink DNS setting as you suggest.
> KeS
It looks like it's on "DHCP".  Here's a screen shot of my Network panel with


Here it is with Show=Built-In Ethernet


Both of these shots are taken when I am at "work", and unable to "resolve"
the local names.  I shall poke around in this panel and see what I can do.
If these screenshots explain the answer, please let me know.


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