9600 questions

Gerald S. Abreu gsabreu at gmx.net
Tue Dec 10 07:49:15 PST 2002

First a note of explanation. I've just upgraded my iBook SE 466 mhz 
w/192 mb ram to Jaguar and it is running great! I'm really enjoying 
using it and learning.

On to the 9600 w/ XLR8 G4 350mhz upgrade card/ & 256 mb ram. I've got 
Jaguar to install (with XPostFacto)  but it freezes after about 30-60 
seconds. I've tried this twice. (Having to reformat HD w/ OS 9.1 disk 
then reinstall Jaguar). So I'm at a loss as to what to do now? 9.1 runs 
great with the G4 card. Is it too slow to run Jaguar? Are there some 
tweaks/hacks I still need to make? Do I need anything more? One more 
note I have a smallish monitor at least by todays standards 13/14" does 
that make any difference?


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